Interesting Stories About The History Of Dell

The history of Dell is a long and fascinating journey. If you have never heard any stories about the owner of the Dell Computer Corporation. You are in for a real treat.

It was a plan that began in Texas by Michael Dell. Before he even arrived on campus of his Freshmen year he was itching to build his computer business. He was going to buy the computer parts and build them himself. And then sell them directly to the consumers.

This was a great way to avoid all of the extra costs of selling through the “middleman” or retailers as most people call them.

His parents weren't very supportive of the idea in the beginning but...

I think they probably have changed their minds a little bit since then.

Michael was always an extremely intelligent and ambitious person.

One of my favorite stories about Michael is when he was sixteen he sold newspaper subscriptions for The Houston Post. He began to notice that most of the people that bought subscriptions were newlyweds or people who just bought new homes.

So he found out that you can find out where all wedding licenses were going to be sent. And also find a list of people who applied for mortgages.

He made $18,000 that year. His economics teacher made the class do an assignment on filing their tax returns. And much to her surprise, Michael Dell had earned more then she had that year!

Dell Computer Corporation began in 1984 with just $1000 of newspaper subscription money he had earned. And in 1988 that number grew to $85 million.

Dell tried to sell their computers through a retailer in 1990. But they decided that their direct approach was the best way to do business.

Then in 1994 it was the birth of the Latitude laptops. These new laptops had unbelievable battery life for that time.

From there things just got bigger and bigger. Dell became very interested in the internet and how they could sell their products. It only took a couple years before they went from selling $1 million dollars a day to $35 million dollars a day!

Today, things are getting better and better. I'm sure if you looked at all of the laptop websites you would agree that Dell has the easiest site to configure a laptop.

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