How To Replace Laptop Keys

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It happens from time to time...

You may need to know how to replace laptop keys because you broke or lost one.

  • It could have been that the keys are slowly starting to wear off and break.
  • Or maybe someone thought it was funny to take them off of your laptop and never give them back.

    Laptops certainly don't have the advantage of desktops in that you can simply just buy a new keyboard with a desktop.

    Laptops are a little more complicated then that.

    And because laptop keys are not the most profitable thing you could sell, it's really hard to find anywhere that sells them.

    Especially a key that will match the look of the other keys!

    After extensive research to try and find a place that would sell one for my laptop, I came across a couple of options...

    The first is a UK company called

    You can easily find them doing a Google search. They have a very easy to use format that will help you find the laptop key that you are searching for.

    They also ship worldwide. And their prices aren't bad either!

    The second place you can find laptop keys is on eBay.

    There are two stores called Fix-A-Key and Buy-1-Key that sell keys from a few of the top name brands.

    They have very high feedback so they are a very trustworthy source. Also, the key comes with an entire kit so you will be sure to get a laptop key that will work.


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