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HP Broken Hinges

by elakin
(Nashville, TN USA)

I hadn't had my HP laptop for more than 6 months when I noticed the left hinge starting to crack right across the center. Since I'd paid for the thing out of my excess student aid for the college class that required it, I'd been extra-super-duper careful with it so I was a little, uh, well, a lot concerned.

I immediately called HP customer service to explain the situation and was transferred about 4 times amongst people that couldn't speak a lick of English. Now, I work in a call center at night for about 10 years and I understand the general nature of the beast and don't have a problem with outsourcing, at least conceptually.

The thing is though, on HP's own forums, there were quite a number of threads and links from others who were having the same problems I was so I would like to think the techs would be somewhat familiar with the concept of what a hinge is. Apparently, that was too much to ask.

To make a long story bearable, I spent at least an hour every single night for the next 3 weeks, trying all kinds of different hours of the day, to call HP & figure out what I could do.

I still have my receipts, date of purchase, extended warranty documents and just about every other piece of information that came printed. I even submitted my requests through the HP forms and kept copies of all of them.

Heck, I had more papers for this poor hinge than I did for my divorce! Sadly, it seemed I would never get a straight answer. Someone finally started talking about how to send my computer to be fixed, but then asked for my credit card information because I had to pay an up-front fee that made me wonder if I'd even been calling the correct company.

At that point, I actually requested a supervisor, who, conveniently, wasn't in the office but was told that I could provide a callback number and the supervisor would call me in 24-48 hours. I waited 4 days - no call, but I did finally get an email response. My thought was "GLORY, GLORY HALLELUJAH!" but I read on and discovered that I needed to submit scans & copies of certain information from the stickers on my computer and my paperwork. Needless to say, I'm still trying to be patient at this point, but getting really frustrated.

In the meantime, since the computer is a pre-requisite for my class, I've been forced to continue using my laptop and despite my very best efforts, the other hinge started cracking, too. So, I attempted to notify the HP people about it in addition to the 1st hinge, but they couldn't just add it to the existing issue, it now had its own ticket number and the vicious cycle began again.

Six weeks after I started calling HP, I received an email stating the first ticket had been closed with a satisfactory resolution. I nearly hit the roof! I called right that very minute and didn't even bother saying anything other than "supervisor - now". After all that, would you believe that when someone finally came to the phone claiming to be a supervisor, he first tried to just blow me off saying they would review the account and call me back.

I got almost belligerent and insisted he look at the two ticket numbers now and explain how the first had been resolved. In the long run, I spent untold number of hours going back and forth only to be told that since I'd used the laptop while a pending ticket was open relating to damage to the equipment, I essentially voided any type of warranty including that for known issues.

If I wanted HP to fix my laptop, though, they generously offered to charge me a flat rate fee of $425 to replace both hinges but I would be responsible for paying shipping costs to and from their facility. I kindly declined and eventually purchased a new laptop for the next semester. So disappointing...Thanks, HP!

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