The Important Things To Know About The HP dv6000t

The HP dv6000t is extremely popular among laptop owners.

There are several reasons good reasons for this. Most of them having to do with how it is customized...

  • It can be customized to be a very powerful laptop.
  • It is cheaper than other laptops with similar configurations.
  • You have a wide variety of options when you configure it.

  • The HP dv6000t is a 15.4 inch laptop from Hewlett-Packard. This size is very popular because it is not too large and it is cheaper then most small screen laptops.

    This laptop also has a very nice look and feel to it. It's not quite as durable as some other laptops. But is certainly durable enough if you take proper care of it.

    How To Customize

    Probably the best thing about this laptop is how many different options you have to customize it. And also how cheap it is!

    Having many options isn't a bad thing. You can build the dv6000t to perfectly match what you are going to need.

    To begin, make sure you take advantage of all the free upgrades that are offered. If you see something like...

    hp free upgrade


    hard drive upgrade

    You are certainly going to want to take advantage of these offers!

    While the HP dv6000t can be a powerful machine, make sure you take the proper steps so it will be...

    1.Get at least 1024MB of Memory. Hopefully there will be a free upgrade. If not, certainly upgrade it to this or better.

    2.Get the Core 2 Duo processor. You can certainly save a lot by not doing this. But if you care anything about have a fast laptop then this upgrade is essential.

    3.Upgrade the laptop screen. This laptop is known for only having a sub-par screen. So make sure you get the best screen available. This is a very cheap upgrade that you won't regret I promise!

    From there, you can customize to suit your needs. For example, if you plan on burning DVD's then get a DVD burner.

    If you have any questions on what to do, don't hesitate to contact me.

    Is This The Laptop For Me?

    The dv6000t has enough to make just about anyone happy. If you are thinking about getting this, I strongly suggest that you compare it with the Dell Inspiron e1505 before purchasing it.

    They are two very similar laptops by two different companies.

    Each laptop might be a little better on any given day depending on what kind of promotions they are having at the time.

    Where To Get It

    You can find this laptop sold in stores but you shouldn't purchase it their. You will get the best deal by purchasing it online through HP's official site.

    To make sure you get the best deal, order by going to this page...

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