What Makes The HP dv9000t So Great And Is It Right For You?

The HP dv9000t is the 17 inch widescreen model of their entertainment laptop series. And just like the other models, this laptop delivers in both performance and price.

A few things that really stick out about the dv9000t are...

  • integrated webcam
  • full size keyboard
  • ability to configure a high definition DVD-Rom
  • Internet video is very popular right now. And with the dv9000t's integrated webcam you can now be apart of it. It comes attached above your laptop screen.

    This is much nicer and convenient then purchasing a webcam separately.

    The next great thing is the full size keyboard. Many people often find it frustrating that they don't have the numbers on the right side like a regular desktop computer has.

    Now you can, without having to purchase an external keyboard.

    This laptop is one of the first high definition laptops to become available. Who said HD technology was just for televisions?

    You will be blown away at the amazing picture of movies. And you will be the first to have what will soon be the standard in laptop technology.

    The HP dv9000t is basically identical in price with the Dell Inspiron e1705.

    It also has most of the same features. Although, the e1705 doesn't have the three unique things mentioned above.

    What Makes the dv9000t Right For Me?

    If you want an affordable deal and you want a big screen then this laptop is right for you.

    No matter how you configure it, this laptop is extremely powerful and should last you a very long time.

    It has all the essentials, and many fun add-ons to boost your laptop experience.

    Where And How To Purchase

    The absolute best place to get the HP dv9000t is through their official site. Purchasing directly from them, you guarantee you get the best deal possible.

    While this laptop may be sold in stores, you won't get the many free upgrades that are available at the official online site.

    To ensure you get the best deal, order through this link...

    If you would like something smaller, have a look at the HP dv6000t

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