Complete Guide To HP Laptop Disassembly And More

Here’s a simple step by step guide for HP laptop disassembly. You may want to disassemble your HP laptop if the motherboard crashes (most common), want to replace your keyboard, investigate problems, or perhaps replace a broken fan.

However, keep in mind, you will void the laptop’s warranty if you disassemble it. Worse, you could damage your laptop permanently if you are not too careful. But if your laptop is broken anyways, and if you think that you are up for the challenge, then here are two great videos for HP laptop disassembly…

How To Disassemble A Laptop In General

The above two videos work on almost any laptop. There may be a few different steps in the process, but generally it goes something like this...

Step 1: Locate All Screws

The screws are located at the underside of the laptop so you need to place the machine upside down on top of a table. Each screw is properly marked with an icon that corresponds to a particular hardware.

Step 2: Unscrew Everything

You need to remove all screws at the bottom of the laptop. A small container should be on hand so you can put all the screws in it.

Step 3: Unlocking the Keyboard

After removing all screws, flip over the machine and open the screen fully. There are clips that hold the keyboard in place. Press the extreme corners of the keyboard to unclip it. You can now raise the keyboard to access the interior of the laptop.

Everything inside your laptop can be accessed after removing the keyboard. You can now clean the interior, remove hardware, or add/replace a laptop memory card (note: with most newer laptop models, you can replace your memory without taking the entire laptop apart!).

HP laptop disassembly should take less than 15 minutes, once you learn how. And again, be very gentle when taking out the parts because they are extremely sensitive.

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