Your Complete Guide To
HP Laptops

So what exactly is it that makes HP laptops so popular these days? When you combine great quality with great prices, you are certainly headed for success.

Before we get started here is a special note...

You can purchase a laptop from HP from your nearest retailer or directly from them at their official site. As this site often stresses, it is better to purchase a laptop directly from them.

By doing this, you will get a much cheaper laptop then if you would have bought it from a store. Also, by purchasing direct it allows you to customize it to match perfectly with how you will be using it.

Now that we have that out of the way...

The prices of HP laptops are extremely competitive compared to other brands. If you compare HP with a similar Dell model, they will either be tied or very close in price with each other.

Usually with a very slight advantage to Dell.

If getting the best laptop for your money is your biggest concern, I suggest that you look for a Dell laptop first.

Dell isn't for everybody though.

Some people simply have bad luck when it comes to Dell products. If you have had a bad experience with Dell or you have heard too many things about them then HP is hands down your next best option.

You will receive some of the latest and greatest technologies at prices that you would expect out of a quality laptop.

Here Are Some HP Reviews

HP dv2000t - Do good things come in small packages? Find out how the dv2000t compares to all of the other 14-inch laptops on the market.

HP dv2000z - Certainly one of the cheapest 14-inch laptops ont he market. But how does it's quality compare with it's price tag?

HP DV6000 Laptop - A quick review of this 15.4" model from HP.

HP dv6000t - This is the 15-inch model of HP's entertainment series. This laptop is very affordable. And it's biggest advantage is how many options you have to customize it to suit your needs.

HP dv6000z - This is basically identical to the dv6000t. The only major difference is it has a AMD Turion processor instead of a Core Duo processor.

HP dv9000t - The 17-inch model of their entertainment series. This is one of the first laptops to offer high definition technology!

HP dv9000z - Similar to the dv9000z. Once again, this laptop has the AMD Turion processor instead of the Core Duo. This laptop is one of the thinnest and lightest desktop replacement laptops that you can find!

HP tx1000 - Choose this if you are looking for a tablet PC that still has all of the features of a regular laptop.

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