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HP Pavilion Display Failed But Warranty Honored

by Corey
(Redmond, WA)

I recently experienced an issue with my HP Pavilion tx2513cl laptop. After twelve months of faithful service the display suddenly stopped working reliably. It was hard to tell at first if the machine was going into some kind of hibernation mode because

I was able to restart the machine and the display would work again for a moment. But after a couple days of this erratic behavior the display ceased working.

I called up HP’s technical support and although there was a little bit of an accent barrier, the overseas technical service reps (I spoke with 3) were very helpful and patient with me. I was also delighted to find out that my machine was still under warranty and that they would repair the machine free of charge. We spent a little over an hour trying out various test cases before they determined that I would have to send the laptop in to HP.

They sent me a prepaid FedEx mailer and all I had to do at that point was fill out a short form explaining the problem and place the laptop in the box. About ten days later (this was over the holiday season) my laptop returned.

They replaced my display as well as the hard drive (which had gotten messed up from the multiple forced power downs that happened with the dead screen).

Fortunately, I had purchased a laptop hard drive enclosure and copied the contents of my drive to a back up disk prior to sending my machine in for repairs (this is always a good idea by the way).

While I’m disappointed that the hardware failed in the first place I am very pleased with the product and thrilled with HPs support.

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