Learn Everything You Need About The HP Pavilion dv2000z

The 14-inch laptop is very competitive in the laptop industry. How does the HP Pavilion dv2000z stack up?

To begin, the dv2000z is nearly identical to the HP dv2000t. With the only major difference being in the processor.

While the dv2000t has a Core Duo processor, the dv2000z features a AMD Turion processor.

For the most part, the dv2000z is usually slightly cheaper then its Core Duo counterpart. So if you have heard nothing but good things about AMD then this model is right for you.

In general, most people believe that the Core Duo does a little bit better job in the areas of power consumption. Some people believe that it is also a little bit faster.

But you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference if it is.

If you decide to choose between one of these two laptop you will be more then satisfied.

The HP Pavilion dv2000z is certainly one of the most affordable 14 inch laptops on the market. If you configure this laptop with a Dell Inspiron e1405 or any other 14-inch laptop, the dv2000z is going to win in price nearly every time.

So How Does It Perform

Very well actually! Because it is cheap, you can configure it to be very powerful. The screen nearly matches the quality of an XBRITE laptop screen from Sony.

The only major area where this laptop could improve is in battery life.

Most 14-inch laptops have no trouble staying unplugged for around 4+ hours, this laptop falls way behind.

With the 6-cell battery, don't expect to stay unplugged for more then 3 hours. This isn't such a big deal if you feel you will always be around an outlet. And also, you can upgrade to the 12-cell battery and get nearly double the battery life!

Other then that, you can't really go wrong with this laptop. Sure there are better quality laptops out there. But for the price, this laptop is more then worth it!

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