What You Need To Know About The HP Pavilion dv6000z

To begin, the HP Pavilion dv6000z is very similar to the HP dv6000t. The only real difference is that they have to different processors.

While the dv6000t model has the Intel Core Duo processor, the dv6000z has an AMD Turion processor.

What does all of this mean and which is better?

The battle between these two processors is highly talked about in laptop forums. One person will claim that one processor is better. And then several people will agree.

Then somebody else will say another is better. And then a bunch of people will agree with them!

All in all...

There isn't an overwhelming difference between the two. You will hear slightly more people claim that the Core Duo processor is better for laptops because it is better with power consumption.

However, if you can get the dv6000z with the Turion processor much cheaper then the dv6000t you should definitely do that.

As Far As The Laptop Itself

You really can't go wrong with this 15.4-inch laptop from HP. It is a very decent performing laptop.

Make sure that you upgrade to the best possible laptop screen. I have heard a few complaints and regrets of those who didn't get the better screen.

Another thing worth mentioning is bloatware.

This is software that comes pre-installed on laptops. Laptop companies do this to help keep their costs down. You will often find these on laptops by HP and Dell.

Don't be surprised when their is a lot of useless junk that has been installed on this laptop. When you first get this laptop, go to the Add Remove Programs and get rid of anything that you won't find useful.

While this is very frustrating for some, understand that you saved a lot of money on your laptop because this stuff was installed on their.

What Makes This Laptop A Winner

Everything about the HP Pavilion dv6000z is smooth and elegant.

The cover is very attractive looking and somewhat durable. Also, the touchpad and buttons are very easy to use.

There are no major flaws in any of the major laptop components.

As far as purchasing, the cheapest way to get the HP dv6000z is by purchasing directly from their site.

You can guarantee yourself that you are getting the best deal by ordering through this link...

If you have any questions on how you should configure this laptop, don't hesitate to contact me.

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