The HP Pavilion tx1000 Combines Entertainment With A Tablet PC

hp tx1000

With the HP Pavilion tx1000, you are getting today's latest and greatest features in a Tablet PC package.

While the tx1000 may appear to be just like any other Pavilion entertainment laptop at first, you will quickly notice that it is much more!

When you open it up the screen can be turned around and placed directly on over your keyboard. You can then use it in ways that you never thought possible...

You can write directly on the screen with a special pen that comes with the laptop. You can now draw your favorite paintings right on the screen.

And for business, you can sign your name directly on documents and fax them to whomever you wish. All from your laptop!

The thing that sets the HP Pavilion tx1000 apart from the competitors is it still has all of the fun entertainment features you want in a laptop.

It has everything all the other guys have, but the added bonus of everything you can do with a Tablet notebook. You can point and click around Windows using only your finger.

One unique thing that was added to this laptop is a new touchpad. Instead of a flat surface, it consists of tiny little dots that you move your fingers over.

Almost everyone has the same opinion, it takes some getting used to. Especially, if you have used a laptop for some time. But once you get used to it you are going to love it.

You can move around faster then the standard touchpad.

Another minor improvement is the laptop screen picture. With Tablet PC's, it is much more common for a laptop to be viewed at all different angles. This laptop does a nice job of that although not perfect. There are still some minor problems with reflections at certain angles.

Overall, this laptop packs a ton of great features at an incredible price. If you have kept your eye on a Tablet PC, then certainly check out this laptop. It's very affordable. Probably just as cheap if not cheaper than anything you have looked at before.

Also, it comes with everything that all of the "regular" laptops come with and much more!

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