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HP Pavillion DV5120US screen issues

by Carlos Nogue

I have always been with HP my whole entire life, but after deciding to move from an HP desktop to a Pavillion I purchased back in 2,001 at Circuit City I had issues with the screen in general.

Please keep in mind I'm a hard core gamer, and the worker at Circuity City entitled me to have owner ship to an PavillionDV510US as a gaming laptop during that time.

I decided to play it for about 3-5 months, but after awhile I discovered something began happening to me. It seems that the screen illuminates too much light and after awhile I have began to see yellow and blue lights whenever I pushed myself away from the laptop. I knew it began to be more of a health hazard to keep using this laptop. But knowing the curious person that I am decided to hook up the laptop to my 32" Sony Bravia to accommodate to that situation and use my HDTV since it didn't illuminate as much.

About a week later during a Sunday evening when I had the laptop aligned on my HDTV I came home and saw half of my laptop screen cracked, literally!

I didn't know what has caused this problem, but I later called tech support and didn't know situations like these were common for the so-called "high end" laptop of 2,001, I should of known better.

The kind lady on the support told me it would cost around $700 to repair the screen, and that the laptop is not built to run on an external HDTV, I digressed for a minute. I told her my gratitude for the help and decided to go on e-bay and fix the screen myself, it only cost me $300.00 to do this

However, the labor was worth the knowledge of seeing how a screen is implanted, etc. Now 9 years later I'm still using the same screen I replaced myself, and the screen hasn't had issues since then. My hypothesis is that the screen might of been fragile or the wrong one was accidentally installed before they were shipped to the retail department.

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