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HP vs Dell

by benjamin
(enfield, CT, usa)

I like my HP and would never buy a Dell or any product based solely on a warranty, for the reason that a warranty is only good for a product that has a history of problems.

With that being said, the Dell I bought worked well when it was new but after six months there where huge driver problems. I then decided to go with the HP Pavilion dv7 series last Oct. and have had zero such problems.

The only issue I have is with at&t and there DSL but that is another story...lol

I think your review of Dell is incorrect. My friend just got a brand new dell from Best Buy so Dell is not just selling direct to customers.

Back to point, it's two months old and already my friend has had problems, such as short keys not working and volume controls. Lots of other issues too but he paid more and got less. Not to mention he also has the newer core i7.

I'm not sure if Intel is as good as they are talked up to be even though I haven't heard or seen any issues with them until I tried understanding the difference in the i7 and i5 lol.

Thank you for hearing me out. HP all the way! It's a better buy then a Dell laptop.


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