Install Drivers After You Install A New Operating System

When you do an upgrade, you may need to install drivers that don't automatically come with your new operating system.

When I upgraded to Windows Vista, I had minor problems with my touchpad.

It worked, but I couldn't use the side to scroll up and down.

Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix.

I have a Dell laptop so I simply went to Dell's official site to their Drivers and Downloads page.

Here you simply put in your Service Tag number or select which laptop you own and you are transported to a page that has all of the drivers ready for you to install.

So What Exactly Is A Driver?

It really is just software that you download onto your computer. It's job is allow your hardware (such as your touchpad, keyboard, monitor, etc.) to effectively work with your laptop.

Failing to have the proper drivers installed could affect how your laptop runs. Usually, you don't have to worry too much about it because it either comes preinstalled or is automatically installed when you install a new device.

But minor problems do come into play when you install a new operating system such as Windows Vista.

Where Is The Best Place To Get Drivers?

There are several sites out there that offer a huge supply of free drivers.

However, your best place to get drivers is at the official sites that you purchased your laptop from. You don't have to worry about installing things from an unfamiliar site. And you are almost guaranteed to be installing the right things.

The best way to find these things is to do a Google search in the following manner. If you have a Dell, type in this... drivers

If you have an HP... drivers

This will almost always help you be able to find the Drivers section of their sites. In a matter of moments, your laptop will be up to speed and working in exactly the same way that you bought it!

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