Want To Get Rid Of The Intel Proset Wireless Popup?

Getting the Intel Proset Wireless card is certainly a fantastic feature to get for your laptop.

There is nothing better when you see the person right next to you complaining about how they can't get a connection. And then there is you with a full connection with no problems!

And that is exactly what is going to happen when you get Intel PRO.

The only thing that tends to get a little annoying is the popup you will get everytime that you connect to the internet. If you have Intel PRO you probably know exactly want I am talking about.

Getting rid of it really isn't too difficult. Just follow these three easy steps...


1. Double Click the green wireless button in your Windows system tray.

Proset Wireless

2. Then go to Tools and the Application Settings

Wireless Proset

3. And finally, notice the two options in the red square above. Simply make sure those two options are unchecked and you will never see that popup again!

If you ever decide you miss the popup then you can simply follow these steps again and check those boxes.

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