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Just leave it to the Tech Guys

by Roderick
(Pinson, Alabama, United States)

I have had this Dell laptop for less than year and in that time I have already encountered a serious problem.

I turn off my laptop regularly to let it cool down; there I just something about a cool computer that makes me think it will run better.

So when I attempted to turn it back on not realizing that it was updating, the onscreen text proceeds to tell me that some file in my computer is corrupted or missing when I try and turn it back on.

I went a whole month without my computer which was a big deal because I really needed for school. I used the recovery disks and every other possible avenue to get it to come back to life (I just really wanted to avoid tech support is what is was).

But once I had exhausted all my available options I had to use the Dell laptop support group. It took me close to a hour of listening to the waiting music. And then I had to talk to some kid of reprehensive for awhile until they put me on with a tech guy.

He walked me through the process of the recovery disc and I got it fixed. I told the guy I thought I turned off my computer while it was updating, but if that was the reason, should it really stop my whole computer from working?

But nonetheless the tech guy helped me out and I’m grateful. I would suggest unless you know what your doing that you should grit your teeth and go ahead and call the tech guys when you have a similar problem with your computer (it’s a free service anyway).

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