Why YOU Need a
Keyboard Vacuum

Keyboard Vacuum

The keyboard vacuum is one of the top laptop accessories that you should own. There are basically two options that you have when you decide that your keyboard needs cleaned.

The first option of course is to get one of the keyboard vacuums that will suck up all of the cheese crackers that you shouldn't have been eating around your laptop.

And the second choice that some people make is to get one of those duster cans that blow everything around it out of sight.

Unfortunately, this option can do more harm than good. What a duster can or similar item actually does is blow those cheese crackers deeper into your laptop. This can be very harmful for your keyboard.

So your best option is to go with the vacuum that sucks everything up. Don't worry! It isn't going to suck up anything bad inside your laptop and it isn't going to suck up the keys from your keyboard either.

A good place to get one is at your nearest Wal-Mart or other retailer. If they aren't in the electronics, try going in the cleaning supplies area and look for something that says mini vac or mini vacuum. They are basically the same thing.

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