Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Laptop Battery

There is plenty of good advice out there for getting the most out of your laptop battery.

After all, the battery is the biggest change that you need to make from your desktop computer.

If you have never had a laptop before, you should become very familiar with the Fn key.

The Fn key is usually located towards the bottom left corner of your keyboard.

What does the Fn key have to do with saving battery power?

First off, my favorite way of checking up on my battery status is by holding down the Fn key and pressing F3 on my Dell Inspiron e1505. It might be different on your laptop so just look for the battery symbol on your keyboard.

This is what will show up...

Battery Status

From here you can see that I am charging my battery. It tells me what percentage of my battery is used and also how long before the battery is fully charged. This can certainly be helpful when you want to know how long it will be before you have plenty battery power before you hit the road.

As far as keeping your laptop unplugged for as long as possible...

  • The easiest thing you can do is to turn down your laptops screen brightness. In order to do this, all you have to do is hold down the Fn key and press the down arrow.

  • An advanced tip is to make sure that you drain your battery at least once every two months. This means to have your laptop on battery power and use it until it shuts down. Consider it exercise for your battery. You should do this even if your battery sits in your closet for two months.

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  • If you aren't planning to use the internet, it is certainly a good idea to shut down your WiFi connection by holding down the Fn key and pressing F2.

  • Become very familiar with the Dell Quickset feature.

  • Choose to not have a background. Right click on your desktop and select properties. Then choose desktop and select None as your background. This saves battery life because your laptop will not have to constantly worry about making the background look right. This is certainly a tip that you don't have to do but it does help with keeping your laptop battery functioning as long as possible.

  • Treat your laptop and battery the way you would want to be treated. Don't let it sit in a car all day and don't keep it in the freezer. The temperature your battery is the happiest is around 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Think about how important laptop battery life is to you before you buy a laptop. A screen with a 14.1-inch screen can get around 9 hours of battery life. You won't get 9 hours worth in your wildest dreams with a 17 inch display!

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