"What Kind Of Laptop
Car Adaptor Do I Get?"

car adaptorlaptop car adaptor

There are a couple of options that you have when choosing a Dell laptop car adaptor. The best choice that you have is similar to what is pictured above.

It basically gives your car an outlet similar to one that is in your house. This is your absolute best choice because...

  • You know for sure that it is going to work for your laptop.

  • You can use it for other devices as well such as dvd players, video games, etc.

    You can have complete confidence that these types of laptop car adaptors are going to work with any Dell laptop that you have.

    The other type of car adaptor that you can get plugs directly into your laptop. This wouldn't be a bad option of it wasn't so hard to find one that will work with your laptop.

    If you do decide to get one like this, go for the ones that say "universal car adaptor". This generally means that it is supposed to work with any laptop.

    However, despite what they claim they simply might not work with your Dell laptop.

    It is so much easier to get the type that was first mentioned. The absolute best place to get them is eBay!

    Simply type in laptop car adaptor into the search engine below and look for one that is similar to the pictures above...

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