Laptop Computer Rent to Own Pros and Cons

In times of deep economic troubles when it is very difficult to directly purchase a new laptop, a rent to own plan seems a very sweet deal.

Through laptop computer rent to own plans, you will get a brand new machine without a big cash-out. All you have to do is to pay a weekly or monthly rental charge until you are fully paid.

Laptop computer rent to own plans have advantages and disadvantages. So before you consider this option, it is best if you can weigh the pros and cons of rent to own deals.

laptop computer rent to own

The Advantages of Rent to Own Laptops

Rent a laptop deals can be very advantageous for businesses that need computers for short term projects. Instead of purchasing a whole new set of laptops that will become useless after the project, you will probably save more if you can just take advantage of laptop rental deals.

Laptop computer rent to own plans are also beneficial if you have bad credit or lack enough cash to pay for the machine. All you have to do is to walk into a rent to own store and choose a deal that fits in your budget. You will be able walk home lugging a new laptop without spending big.

The Disadvantage of Rent to Own Plans

If you consider the total cost of rent to own laptops and the service fees and insurance charges that you have to pay, you will discover that the cost of your sleek new machine is 3 to 4 times more expensive than the actual retail price.

Most rental companies provide replacement parts and services for in-warranty units but others don’t provide this kind of service. So if your laptop breaks down, as most laptops do, the cost of repairs would be more expensive.

It is also very common nowadays to see unscrupulous rent to own laptop stores preying on cash-strapped consumers. Hidden behind the small print of the rent to own deals are provisions that will jack up monthly interest for numerous reasons.

It is true that brand new laptops are still very expensive today. However, faster advances in computer technologies and miniaturization are driving the cost of new laptops down. There are also new budget models today that are specifically designed for cash strapped consumers.

So instead of taking advantage of laptop computer rent to own deals, you will enjoy greater value if you save today so you can buy a new laptop later.

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