Your Buyers Guide For The Laptop Computer Warranty

You're about to purchase a brand new laptop! All that is left is the laptop computer warranty.

So what do you do?

Should you save some extra cash and just be extra careful? Or should you get the best warranty possible and make sure your laptop is safe?

Don't worry, this is a common question for every laptop buyer! And the answer isn't 100% simple either.

First, if you are purchasing a laptop at retailers such as Best Buy or Circuit City...

Get the cheapest warranty possible!

Nearly 50% of that warranty is pure profit for them. It's much better to get a warranty that is directly from the manufacturer.

If you are purchasing your laptop directly from the company, there are two things you should consider...

  • what are you using your laptop for
  • how long do you plan to keep your laptop
  • The most important question when it comes to your laptop computer warranty is...

    What Do You Plan To Do With Your Laptop

    I've come to realize that people purchase laptops for a variety of reasons.

    Some people are the frequent travelers who don't leave home without their laptop. Some people occasionally take their laptop out on special occasions.

    And then there are some people whose laptop never leaves their house!

    Whichever person you are, you should at least get a 1 year warranty.

    It has been reported that laptops are one of the few items that you should consider getting a warranty. Most companies offer the minimum of 1 year.

    So you should definitely take it. It's nice to have the comfort of being protected the first year.

    If your laptop never leaves the house, you should also stick with a 1 year warranty. The only likely damage is if your drink on it.

    So do yourself a favor and don't have your drink sitting next to your laptop and everything will be fine!

    If you do bring your laptop with you from time to time...

    How Long Do You Plan To Keep Your Laptop

    Some people like to keep up with the latest technology. They will buy the next great laptop as soon as it comes out. If this is you...

    The 1 year warranty will be just fine. This is obvious.

    But for most people's budgets this isn't possible. More then likely, you fall into this category...

    Purchase a 2-3 year warranty

    A two year warranty is the best deal. Three years if you are really paranoid about safety.

    Anything after three years is really a waste because by that time it will probably be better to just purchase a new laptop.

    There is one secret with warranties and that is...

    Credit Cards

    Do your research on credit cards before you purchase. I know that American Express will often times double your warranty if you purchase with their credit card.

    It's very common to at least get an extra year tacked on to your warranty at no additional charge.


    The term "better safe then sorry" really applies to laptop warranties. Accidents certainly happen. Don't expect anything bad to happen to you.

    More then likely you should get a two or three year warranty.

    Unless your laptop will sit on your desk all day or you will purchase a laptop within the next year anyways.

    Take advantage of credit cards. Doing an hour or two of research could save you several hundred dollars in the future. Find out all the information you can.

    And make sure you read the warranty information from the manufacturer.

    Find out specifically what you are covered for and what you aren't. This will very much help your final decision on what laptop computer warranty to purchase.

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