Laptop Cooler Reviews

Is your laptop overheating? Are looking for laptop cooler reviews? Then you are not alone because almost all laptop users today are facing this common problem.

laptop cooler fanIn the past, laptops have primarily been designed for mobility and battery longevity. But with the addition of cutting edge graphic cards and ultra powerful quad core processors, modern laptops today are able to handle more work.

The added power however will make your laptop dangerously hotter. There is a greater risk that you can toast your machine due to overheating issues. Fortunately, laptop coolers are more widely available now. But before providing you with laptop cooler reviews, it's best to know how coolers can help you and why you may need one.

Why Install a Laptop Cooler?

Just as the name implies, a laptop cooler is designed to reduce operating temperature. It's usually installed under the laptop and is powered by your USB port.

Coolers come in two flavors:

1) Active coolers - These use fans to dissipate heat

2) Passive coolers - Tend to absorb heat or enhance air flow.

Overheating is a fatal laptop problem. In extreme cases, overheating will result in a toasted or fried CPU and circuitry. In most cases, you will encounter performance issues like frequent shutdowns, slow processing, or irreparable battery damage.

Here are three short laptop cooler reviews that will help you to identify the top performing laptop coolers on the market.

NZXT Cryo S Laptop Cooler

The Cryo S cooler is specifically designed for smaller laptops. NZXT has a bigger one, the Cryo LX, designed for 17-inch laptops. For most consumers who use 15-inch laptops and smaller notebooks, the Cryo S would be suitable.

This cooler is made from thick aluminum with two 120mm cooling fans. The fans are controllable and powered through your USB port. The exterior surface consists of rubberized plastic to prevent the laptop from sliding.

Logitech N100 USB Laptop Cooler

The Logitech N100 cooler has a very ergonomic design and will look great on your machine. It has a unique concave design.

The Logitech cooler features a single 3.1-inch 80mm fan. The single fan makes the device smaller, but this is also its big drawback. Like many single fan coolers, its cooling capability is limited.

However, the compact and slim profile of the cooler is suitable for highly mobile users. It supports 15-inch laptops with adjustable cabling options and is completely USB powered.

Thermaltake Massive23 ST

This is probably the most powerful laptop cooler on the market. It features a massive 230mm fan that can effectively blow heat away from your laptop. This cooler supports 10-17 inches laptops and powered solely by USB. It has an on-off switch, encased in wire mesh. Ultra lightweight and portable, this compact device will keep your laptop cool.

These laptop cooler reviews are just the beginning. Do your own research and find one that is right for you. Whether you are a regular or power user, a laptop cooler can help protect your expensive machine from heat damage.

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