What Is So Great About The Laptop Core Duo?

Laptop Core Duo Chips

The Intel laptop Core Duo processor is certainly a huge advancement in processor technology. While processors are getting faster and faster, something was always missing.

You see the way processors work are probably different than what you might expect. Let's say you are opening up two programs at the same time. It seems like your processor is simply opening up two programs at the same time right?

Well actually, your processor is opening up one program for a second. Then it starts opening up the other program for a little bit. Then it goes back to the other program and opens it up a little bit more. Then it goes to the other and so on until both of them are completely open.

Sounds like a lot of unnecessary work right?

Well that is where the Core Duo processor comes into play. Now when you have two programs that you are using at the same time, such as anti-virus software and a web browser, the laptop Core Duo technology will run both things with simplicity.

If you are someone who likes to do several things at the same time, you are going to absolutely love it when you see how smoothly everything operates with the Core Duo.

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