Your Guide To Getting A Laptop For Computer Science

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Purchasing a laptop for computer science is a very useful investment as a college student.

You will often find yourself spending hours at a time working on projects that are due.

And research suggests that you will get more work done with a laptop compared to a desktop.

You will have the opportunity to take your work with you wherever you go.

But what do you look for when purchasing a laptop for your use in Computer Science?

Probably the most important part of the laptop for Computer Science is the processor.

When you write programs, you will often times be doing thousands of calculations at a time. Also, when you compile your program your laptop will have to run through several calculations before you can execute it.

To make everything run as fast as possible you will need to get a fast processor. Look to upgrade you processor before doing anything else.

The next very important area is memory. When you write programs you will be both working with and using up a lot of memory. And it's good to have a large supply of memory to allow you to comfortably work on your programs.

What About Graphics

For a majority of your beginning course, you won't be doing anything fancy. You will mostly be doing mathematical calculations and perhaps a generic game program.

Later in your college career you may take a class that will do some 3-D graphics. And for that your laptop will have to be somewhat prepared.

The most important thing with these applications is to have plenty of memory. And your laptop will run much smoother if it has a graphic card that has plenty of memory.

So look for a graphics card that supplies it's own source of memory and you should have no problem running these programs in your higher-level courses.

Laptop Screen Thoughts

As a computer science major, you really don't know a bright and vivid screen to do the work you will be doing.

This might be an area where you can save some money on. Provided that you don't want to use your laptop to watch movies or anything else of that sort.

Also as a tip...

You many want to dim your screen a little when you work on projects. Being on a laptop for an extended period of time can cause strain on your eyes. It can also lead to fatigue which is the last thing you want.

So to make sure you perform at your best, dim your screen as low as possible to help keep you working for as long as possible.

Which Laptop Is The Best

Pretty much any of the top laptop brands will have a great laptop for Computer Science majors.

You may want to especially look at the widescreen models.

Most current laptops are widescreen anyways. As a programmer, you will often have several windows open side by side. Having a widescreen makes it much easier to view these windows without overlapping.

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