How Much Laptop Hard Drive Should You Buy?

Choosing how big your laptop hard drive is going to be isn't as difficult as some other decisions you are faced with when configuring your Dell laptop.

Your hard drive is where all of your things get stored. If you write a paper or install a video game, these things get stored on your hard drive.

In today's world, software is getting bigger and better and that means the need for bigger hard drives. There are basically two questions that you need to ask yourself when determining how big of a hard drive to get.

  • How long do I plan on keeping my laptop?

  • What kind of things do I plan on storing on my computer?

    For the first question, are you planning on upgrading to Windows Vista that's released in January 2007? If so, experts are recommending that you have at least a 60GB hard drive.

    Also, if you plan on using your laptop for quite a few years then you will greatly benefit from getting a bigger hard drive such as a 80GB or 100GB hard drive.

    As for the second question, think about what kind of things are going to be on your hard drive. If you plan on having thousands and thousands of song on your computer then you might want to upgrade your hard drive accordingly.

    Personally, I think the first question is much more important. With USB flash drives and external hard drives getting bigger and better, it is easy to fix your hard drive problems.

    Overall, if you get 60GB then this should probably be enough to last you a long time. Unlike your laptop processor, you can buy add-ons later to help fix hard drive problems.

    So if the thought of attaching a flash drive to your laptop down the road doesn't bother you, then don't go overly expensive on your Dell laptop hard drive and spend your money elsewhere.

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