Laptop Owners Christmas
List 2006

santachristmas tree

Have a laptop owner to shop for? These items will be on every laptop owners Christmas list this holiday season.

Just make sure they don't already own them first!

Laptop Cooling Pad - Many laptop owners certainly complain about how hot their laptops get. This device keeps your laptop cool so it can perform at it's best.

Wireless Laptop Mouse - Most laptop users are usually begging to have a mouse to go with their laptop. Give them joy this Christmas with a laptop mouse. But make sure you get the right kind!

Web Cam - Who wouldn't want a web cam for Christmas? Now your loved one can make videos for the whole world to see. Also a great gift if you they live far away. You can watch each other live over the internet.

TV Tuner - With this, your laptop owner will be able to pause, record, and watch live television right from their laptop! Any laptop owner would certainly love to have this.

GPS Navigation System - Do you have a laptop owner that likes to travel? With this software package, it will guide them right to their destination. Telling them exactly where to turn in real-time!

Spyware Doctor - Laptop users are frequently having problems with spyware. Help keep their laptop safe with the best spyware detection and removal software you can buy.

Laptop Speakers - Are they music fanatics or big-time gamers? If so, they probably aren't happy with the sound that their laptop speakers produce. Surprise them with some quality speakers this Christmas.

Laptop Security Cable - Are you afraid that special someone is going to get their laptop stolen? Help them protect their investment with a security cable.


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