Things To Know About A Laptop Processor

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There are many misconceptions when it comes to a laptop processor. Many people feel that it is the brain of the computer.

So when they configure their laptop direct they just get the biggest processor that they can and don't worry about anything else.

This is not a good way to go about things! In fact, the opposite is probably closer to being true for most people.

Processors today are more then capable of running the programs of today. You won't be able to tell much difference between a fast processor and a really fast processor.

The real differences you will notice in laptops comes from things such as ...

  • How your laptop screen size will effect your laptop battery.

  • How your memory or RAM will effect your ability to have several things opened at once.

    The best thing that you can do with a laptop processor starts before you even choose what laptop you want.

    Dell is beginning to introduce core duo processors into their their entertainment and XPS laptops.

    This technology makes it extremely easy to do several things at the same time. But not all of the Dell laptops have this fairly new processor.

    The Dell Inspiron B130 currently has a Pentium M Processor. Which certainly isn't a bad processor by any means! It just isn't as great if you are someone who does a lot of things at the same time.

    Processor Experiment

    I was curious to see how my laptop performed when it was plugged in and when it wasn't.

    So I wrote a small program that would print out the numbers between 1 and 100,000. Here were my results.

    Plugged In

    Not Plugged In

    As you can see, it took my laptop 37 more seconds to print out the numbers.

    You can expect your laptop to run a little slower when it isn't plugged into an outlet. So if you are ever running any serious applications, it makes a difference if you plug in your laptop. Tips on Upgrading and Building Computers. Research and compare different types of Barebone Computers. Informative Computer Articles. Topics include Hardware, Software, Internet I.T. Training, VoIP, Web Design and more.

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