Everything You Need To Know About Laptop RAM

Laptop RAM is one of the most important features when configuring your new direct laptop. While there certain areas that you can afford to go cheap on, RAM is certainly not one of them!

RAM stands for Random Access Memory and it is where the action happens in your computer. If you lack the proper amount of RAM it will slow your computer down more than anything.

Laptop RAM is in charge of making sure everything on your computer is running. When you open up a program or web browser, these things have to take up a little bit of your memory. Whenever you have too many things running at once, this is when your computer starts to go crazy and begins slowing down.

The way that companies like Dell are set up today, you can get anywhere from 256MB to 4GB in some of the XPS systems. You should certainly get as much RAM that you can possibly afford. This will only increase the lifespan of your Dell laptop.

If you ever plan to upgrade to Windows Vista, the minimum requirements are that you must have 512MB of RAM. It is probably a good idea that you can at least 512MB anyways.

I am quite the multi-tasker. It seems like I constantly have at least three or four things running at the same time. That is why I chose to get 1GB of Dell laptop RAM and everything runs very, very smoothly.

While getting 2GB or even 4GB of RAM might be a little more than enough today, it won't be too long before it will be a necessity. So if your budget can afford such a thing then go ahead and get it!

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