Which Laptop Security Devices Are Right For You?

Laptop Security Cable

Laptop Security Devices are a must have in today's world. Laptops are very vulnerable to being stolen because of their high prices and small sizes.

The most common security device that you can get is a laptop security cable.

A laptop security cable takes advantage of the security slot that is found in most laptops.

Your laptop more than likely has a security slot. However, it may be very difficult to find out where it is.

For example, the configuration page that comes with the Dell Inspiron e1505 doesn't even list where the security slot is.

But it does have one!

If you are having trouble finding it, go to your laptop company's website and ask for customer support. They will be sure to help you with anything that you need.

Security Slot

The security slot is of course circled in red above. As far as figuring out where your security slot is, you might want to check out laptop's official company site. I believe they call it a security cable slot.

But even if your laptop doesn't come with a security slot, there are other variations of the security cable that you can use. Some cables attach to your printer port. And some of them can be glued on, but this is probably the last thing that you want to do.

Laptop security cables are eventually tied to an immovable object so thieves are unable to just grab it and run. For the most part, this should stop thieves from trying to break the cable and/or the laptop. There are some laptop security cables that will make a loud beeping sound if the wire is cut or damaged.

The best place to find a laptop security cable is at eBay.

Most of these security cables run for around $30-$60 at a store but at eBay you can one usually in the $7-$15 range. And that is including shipping!

Almost any security cable being sold will get the job done and help protect your laptop from thieves. Don't be one of the many people that get their laptops stolen every day because they don't have the proper laptop security devices. Purchase a security cable at eBay today!

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