What Kind Of Laptop Video Card Is Right For YOU?

For some laptop experts the laptop video card is the first thing that they look at when purchasing a new laptop.

And for others it isn't a big deal.

Which category should you fall under?

This decision is strongly based on what you plan on doing with your laptop.

If you only plan on doing regular, everyday things with your laptop then you will probably want the most basic graphic card available to save money.

However, if you want to use your laptop to play video games and/or run graphic applications then you certainly should get one of the best video cards available.

The nicer the video card you choose, the better you will see the videos and pictures on your screen. Also, a nicer video card will help your laptop run much better.

Whenever you have a quality video card, it does some of the work that your regular laptop processor and RAM would normally do. You will be able to really notice this whenever you're watching a DVD or playing a video game.

I personally made the mistake of underestimating the importance of the laptop video card. I selected the cheapest video card available so I could spend more on other things.

I had planned on doing image editing and also watching DVDs occasionally. Whenever I compared my laptop to a friend of mine who had a quality video card I could really tell a difference!

Videos look absolutely amazing and everything runs a lot smoother. Another thing to consider deals with Windows Vista.

It is the new operating system by Microsoft. If you have an upgraded video card you can take advantage of their new graphic features that look absolutely stunning!

You can still run Windows Vista on your laptop if you don't have a proper video card provided that you have at least 512MB of RAM. However, you might regret later not getting a better video card to take advantage of all of the features of Windows Vista.

There are two things to look for in a laptop video card.

The processor helps deliver graphics to your laptop as fast as possible. When your video card has a nice processor, it takes a lot of the work off of your main laptop processor. This makes the graphics run smoother and faster.

Also, look at how much memory is in your video card. Some of the newest video cards come with 128MB or 256MB of memory. This also will help everything run better when you are running certain applications.

Overall, unless you only plan on doing really basic things with your laptop I would suggest at least getting the next best option when it comes to video cards.

You can really tell a difference in all of the pictures that are on your screen. And your laptop will be able to perform well for a much longer period of time.

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