Your Guide To The Lenevo Thinkpad R60

If you have never purchased a Thinkpad laptop, the Lenevo Thinkpad R60 might be a great first choice for you.

The Thinkpad R60 is very similar to the much more popular Thinkpad T60.

Their are only minor improvements that were made in the T60. It is sturdier and much lighter. Also, it features a different optical drive.

So Why Choose the R60?

You may wonder why anyone would ever choose the R60 over the T60 then. Well, the R60 certainly beats the T60 in price.

Are the following really important to you...

  • size and weight

  • having a wide screen

  • extremely easy to travel with

    If so, then the T60 is better for you. The R60 has a regular screen compared to the increasingly popular widescreen.

    One of my favorite things about the R60 is how it can be configured. At the Lenevo site, the R60 can be a budget $600 or a high performance $2000 depending on how you configure it.

    This gives you plenty of opportunity to have it suit your needs.

    In my opinion, the R60 is very underrated in the laptop industry. Many people assume that they can't afford any of the Thinkpad models but with the R60 this simply isn't the case.

    Configured with a dual core processor, this laptop is very much worth comparing to other similar models.

    Are sick of hearing other people talk about how much they love their Thinkpad and you want to find out for yourself? If so, this is a very good budget laptop to try.

    It might just make your a Thinkpad owner for life!

    Check out the Thinkpad R60 at the official Lenevo site.

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