Guide On How To Make Your Laptop Screen Look Bigger

There are many reasons why you may want to make your laptop screen look bigger (or smaller for that matter).

Here is just a few of the common reasons...

  • Your laptop was much smaller then you expected
  • You need more space on your laptop to have several windows open
  • You want to make things bigger so you don't strain your eyes so much
  • Fortunately, there is something quick and easy that you can do about it. Here is what it will look like when you are finished...

    description of imagedescription of image

    Notice how in the left side the entire screen only has about half of the amount of icons as the right side.

    This is because everything is so much larger there simply isn't any room! To make your laptop screen look either bigger or smaller, right-click your desktop and hit Properties.

    hit properties

    From there, click on the Settings tab

    settings tab

    From this window, use the slider where it says Screen Resolution and then hit apply to test what it looks like.

    screen resolution

    That's all there is to it!

    It may look a little funny at first, but you can certainly get used to the change within a day or two.

    There are many perks to making it bigger or smaller. For example, having the smaller screen is much easier to get from place to place with your touchpad.

    And making it bigger allows you to easily have many windows showing at once. Especially if you have a widescreen laptop.

    Experiment with making it bigger or smaller for awhile. You may be surprised how much you like the new change.

    This is just one of the many ways you can set up your laptop to suit your needs.

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