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My Dell Story

by James Mendez
(Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

My Dell Inspiron 500M

My Dell Inspiron 500M

I am a Dell fan. Bought my first Dell Desktop in 2000 and a laptop in 2003 (Dell Inspiron 500M) and at at the same time, a Dell Server (PowerEdge 16000 Series) and then I came to inherit 7 Dell PowerEdge Servers (2650R).

I like the way they put together the hardware and tech behind these machines. I liked the way the have those backup softwares for the Desktop and Laptop. Should anything goes wrong, just reinstall the OEM Operating Systems.
Unfortunately, Technology moves as quickly as time permits. My dell desktop still runs on Windows XP and still works great.

No complaints from my daughter there. My laptop, well thats another story. I am always trying new software and into database applications alot. It starts to slow down, gives off a lot of heat in the palm area of the keyboard. Now it will not boot up when I shut down the laptop.

I have to plug into a docking station to get it started. The Up, Down, Left and Right arrows are located next to my right palm area and sort of get in the way of my typing. And if I type a letter or email out without looking at the screen, all of a sudden I find the words that I typed continue on somewhere in the middle of the letter. And that is annoying.

I also find that when the warranty is over, it is absolutely over. You can beg, cry and or plead, you will never ever get a responds for help when in trouble. Good thing the internet is a resourceful site.

I hope HP is not like this. I have Compaq servers in the past and I still get service from Compaq way after the warranty is expired...

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