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My Dell Was A Piece of Junk And Now I'm a Mac User.

by Lily

Around two years ago I bought a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop directly from Dell’s Website. I had it customized with a few things I wanted and was really excited to get the first computer that I didn’t have to share with anyone.

I had the thing for a whole whopping TWENTY-ONE days before the first problem occurred. The first thing that went wrong was the charger essentially blew up and I had to replace it. This wasn’t the last time that that happened to me either.

I went through SIX chargers in the year and four months I owned the computer. We haven’t gotten started yet either. Yes, there have been MORE issues that I’ve had with that computer...

Within a few months of purchasing this computer it took it’s first trip back to Texas to the Dell Facility to be fixed. Just from daily use of the computer one of the hinges fully BROKE off. I am very gentle with my computers so I didn’t do anything to cause this computer to break.

Dell is a major pain when it comes to servicing your warranty. They have to “diagnose” your issue before they will even listen to the problems you’re having and send you either the replacement part or the box to send it back. You end up on the phone waiting from anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before you even get to talk to anyone.

When you do get someone they are from India and you cannot understand half of what they’re saying so you spend half the time spelling things out. Each time I’ve had a problem I’ve spent around 2-3 hours on the telephone with Dell only for them to Diagnose the problem that I already told them about.

For example, the next problem I had that I had to send the computer back. The place you go to plug your charger cable in became loose from daily use after a whopping 8 months of owning the computer.

I told them that the charger is fine but my computer is not receiving any charge. They didn’t want to service my computer YET again despite being under warranty so they gave me the run around and spend a whole 3 hours “Diagnosing” before they finally caved in and said I was right. You are probably assuming that was the end of my problems...Well it’s not.

When I purchased the warranty I was under the assumption that the warranty ended EXACTLY a year after I purchased it. Well apparently it only lasts about 364 days. On day 365 of my warranty the hard drive died. I called Dell up and the refused to fix it because they said my Warranty ended.

I told them it was day 365 and the refused to cover it. My fiancée fixed it and I sold the computer because I wanted to smash it with a sledgehammer…He decided that wasn’t a great idea. So long story short. Don’t go to Dell for quality or Customer Service.

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