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My HP Laptop Battery Back Up Is Low

I had an HP laptop for about a month. It did well with its performance and everything.

The one and only problem I faced with it is its battery. The backup time for it is very low. I can't carry it to places where we won't be able to get to a power line. It last for two hours or even less than that.

It is difficult for me to deal with this. Battery is one of the important things on a laptop so its backup time should be more. Other than that, the battery gets heated quickly. My lap becomes too hot. It's like a boiling cooker!

At times we are not even able to touch it with our bare hands. So these are the two major problem I faced with it.

Other than the battery, it's keyboard isn't very good. It's not at all suitable for playing games. We have to plug in an external one. It's display has some defect too. It emits high radiation but not a good quality of picture.

Quality isn't very good compared to other laptops. Moreover HP doesn't give any os or driver cds we need to download it. This is an extra burden.

To sum it up, I wouldn't get an HP again!

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