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My HP Laptop Went Mad

by Yash Kumar
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.)

Even though HP is considered a very good company for computers and laptops, nothing is guaranteed nowadays and so it was in my case. Two years ago I bought an HP laptop.

It worked very well for one year but right after the warranty period expired, my laptop's good working days also expired.

My laptops whole screen went white or rather so bright that one could hardly see anything. The screen was full of horizontal red lines that used to appear and then go accompanied by a very bright light.

I couldn't work any more on my laptop for the next two weeks. That's because it required two weeks for the computer engineer to fix the problem.

It cost me about a $100 for that problem!

Now it's has been 3 years since using my Hp laptop but I never had a problem with it again. I really appreciate the Hp company for the keeping it's quality high and for the great service that it provides to its customers.

Sute, one out of a hundred cases might get some problem with an HP laptop, but I have figured that Hp is one of the top ranking companies in computer and laptops. I'm now completely satisfied with my laptop and I really thank the Hp company for its good work.

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