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No Acer Recovery CD

OK I had my Acer laptop for 2 months and everything was working great. All of a sudden my mouse pad stopped working!

I had no idea what happened so I decided to read the manual and eventually figured out that they have a button that disables the mouse pad and the speakers. So I fixed that and It was working well for me again.

About 7 months after I had bought the laptop it locked up on me while I was just trying to turn it on. I know a lot about computers and I maintain it very well so I didn’t know why this was happening. I tried to solve this on my own for a while ( about a week ) but after nothing worked I decided to call Acer's customer service.

They weren’t helpful at all. The one thing they did help me with was they did let me know there was no recovery cd ( which would have solved all my problems right away) and if I want a CD I had to pay for it. I certainly did not want to buy a recovery cd that should have come with the laptop.

The program inside the computer doesn’t help if the computer will not turn on. So after calling them I decided to take it to a friend who knows a bit more than me. They fixed it and told me to make sure I use the recovery program that came with it. That’s what I have been doing and all is well so far.

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