How Would You Like To Open Folders More Quickly On Your Laptop?

We all like to simplify things in our life. So why not learn to open folders more quickly?

If you are sick of double clicking all of your folders, there is certainly something that can be done. You can set up your laptop so it only takes one click to open a folder.

I set this up on my laptop. Simply because I like the idea of doing things as quickly as possible. Now I will certainly admit that this does take some getting used to.

After all, most of us have been double clicking our whole lives! But once you get used to it, I think you are going to like it. And if you don't, you can always switch it back.

So How Do I Set It Up

It's very simple actually.

Go to Start -> My Computer

Click My Computer

Go up to Tools -> Folder Options

Folder Options

Then select "Single-click to open an item"

One Click Folder

Click OK and you are done.

This tip is especially useful for those who are having trouble getting used to the laptop touchpad.

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