Dell Users Smile Because Open Office Could Save You Hundreds Of Dollars

That's right!

I came across Open Office the other day. I was basically looking for a free Microsoft Excel Viewer so I could look at a spreadsheet.

But what I found was far better than I had hoped for.

One of the few complaints that some Dell users may have is how little amounts of software that you get with your laptop computer. Dell does this to eliminate any unnecessary costs.

With my newest laptop, the only word processor that I received was a trial version of WordPerfect. And that didn't come anything resembling Micosoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint.

I was looking around eBay and other online stores trying to find the absolute cheapest that I was going to get a copy of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office has all of the above things all rolled into one. You can write papers, work with spreadsheets, create presentations, and many other useful things.

The problem is that it retails for $399. And it doesn't come with a Dell computer unless you upgrade to get it pre-installed. And if you do this it isn't any cheaper.

But then I came across which seemed to be very similar to Microsoft Office. It is a very large download (around 90MB which is about 18 music songs).

I had very low expectations when I downloaded it. But as it turns out...

it was everything that I had hoped for and much, much more! looks and performs almost exactly like Microsoft Office does. If you are thinking about spending all of that money on Microsoft Office then I strongly suggest that you download Open Office and give it a try first.

It quickly takes care of anyone's complaint that Dell doesn't provide enough software with their systems. With this free product you get almost everything that you would get with Microsoft Office.

Now I am certainly don't claim that Open Office is better than Microsoft Office. If working with spreadsheets and word processors is the most important things you will be doing then go ahead and get Microsoft Office.

But for most people including myself, Open Office is a great way to save a couple hundred dollars that I had planned on spending with Microsoft Office.

If you would like to see of Open Office is right for you then click here.

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