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Pavilion tx 2000

by D. Doud
(Salem, OR)

About a year ago I got an HP Pavilion tx 2000, which is a tablet laptop, and from what I remember, one of the first of its kind.

The laptop worked fine for me for several months, then after trying to reinstall World of Warcraft (which worked on the laptop before), it started blue screening after only a few seconds of the startup sequence.

Being paranoid, I went to a friend who helped me install a new hard drive, and the problem stopped. After a Windows update, though, the pressure sensitivity for the tablet stopped working.

I went to the HP website and tried to install the tablet drivers, but for some reason it wiped out all the data on my hard drive!

I used Linux on it until I could find a Windows Vista install CD, at which point the pressure sensors worked again. I don't know what made the sensitivity fail, but it's happened AGAIN!

I'm too frustrated to continue using the tablet, and I'm certainly not going to try installing the driver from the HP site again. It's gotten to the point where I'm considering selling the laptop outright and getting a new one, forgetting the tablet altogether.

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