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Problem with Wi Fi Connectivity.


I am using a Vostro- Dell laptop with me. As technology is increasing day by day, to keep pace with the technology I installed wi-fi connectivity in my home and the server was airtel.

I am using two Dell laptops with me but I found that it was enabled in one of the laptops but the vostro one wasn't able to connect it with wi-fi.

I called the Dell executives to solve the problem. I was so impressed by the way they solved the query as it was very tough for me to understand the technical language, but the executive made it so easy. I must tell you that these people are really co-operative and take pain in solving the problems and provide you with the necessary service.

I must also tell you that I was also impressed with the way they sell out their laptops because Dell is the only company that serves people according to their configuration. You can provide them with the necessary details and they will make a laptop that perfectly suits you.

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