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Problems I am facing in my HP dv6000

by Vinoth

I have owned the model HP Pavilion dv6000 for a year and I am experiencing a few problems.

The motherboard issue is the main thing I am often experiencing with my laptop. It will either restart often or will turn off while working. Also, I found issues in the sound card of my laptop and also in the wireless network cards.

The speed of my laptop is also significantly reduced now when compared to the time when I bought it. I serviced my laptop 3 times in the year but still I am facing certain problems which have greatly frustrated me.

Recently I experienced a problem of the screen turning to black and even my friends are experiencing this similar problem every now and then. Also I feel there are some problems in the BIOS setup and will encounter problem in battery backup when compared to earlier. I do think that I have made the wrong choice by selecting the HP dv6000 laptop.

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