Best Free Programming Software

As a computer science major, I've tried and tested tons of free programming software. And I have learned that some people can make a simple text editor extremely difficult to use.

If you are new to programming...

You can tell your computer to do almost anything. From advanced calculations to automatically filling out forms for you.

All you have to do is type in a series of statements into a text editor. Then have the programming software "compile" it for you. Then, if there aren't any errors, watch your program run to perfection.

Programming can be very frustrating at times. But it's more than worth it once you get your program to finally do what you want it to.

Programming is also something you can get a high-paying job in if you enjoy it and are good at it.

So What Software Should You Get

My personal choice and the one that I use is Bloodshed Dev.

Don't let the name scare you. This program is extremely popular among programmers looking for free software.

It's very simple to use and has all of the essentials. Things such as...

  • colored text

  • tabbed browsing

  • easy function tools to work with

    If you are new to programming or have experience in it, you will be sure to find Bloodshed Dev a very reliable and effective programming tool.

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