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RIP HP Laptop Age 2

by Jim

I purchased an HP Laptop back in 2006. I bought it because of it's price, and pretty black design at a local Best Buy. Everything started great for about the first 6 months.

Then, I noticed it started getting some noticeable scratches. No big deal of course. Probably my own fault.

A year into it, the hinge on the side started to get loose. A little more loose than I really care for. This hinge only got worse with time. About a year and a half into it, it could barely stay up straight. I had to have it sit up against a wall.

Unfortunately, I only bought the standard 1 year warranty, which was my fault.

After 2 years, I decided enough was enough. I ended up getting a Dell and have had pretty good success so far. A little rough spot on the hinge also, but it's still more than useable.

My recommendation: Go with Dell if you want a cheaper laptop. I hear Sony has some really quality laptops, but they are a bit pricey.

And stay away from Apple's at all costs! :-)

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