How Can YOU Save Money With A Laptop

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Most people don't realize just how many ways they can save money with a laptop.

You can turn your laptop into an all-in-one media package.

From a fax machine to a telephone, your laptop can do it all.

All you have to do is download the right software. Most of the time it's free. And also purchase the occasional tools to plug into your laptop and you are on your way.

GPS Navigation System

GPS Navigation System - You probably didn't know that you can have your laptop can give you driving directions on your next trip.

And unlike a map, it can also tell you the best places to eat and how to get there as well.

Sure you can purchase a GPS navigator such as Garmin™. But that is outrageously expensive for something that does one thing. A laptop can do everything that a separate GPS system can do and a thousand times more.

Amount saved: Around $400

Fax Machine

Fax Machine - Some people don't realize how quickly and easily it is to set up your laptop to send and receive fax messages.

And it's a lot easier to take your laptop with you wherever you go compared to your fax machine!

Also, on your laptop you won't be frustrated with paper jams. Just save whatever spreadsheet or document you are working on and fax it over to someone immediately.

Amount saved: Around $50

DVD Recorder

TV Tuner For Laptop - Have you ever wanted to have a TiVo or DVD recorder for your television. Well now you can with the use of your laptop and a TV tuner.

All you have to do is point and click and you can watch and record your favorite shows. Then if you have a DVD burner you burn them onto a disc and watch them wherever you would like.

Everything is incredibly easy if you have Windows Media Center on your laptop.

Amount saved: Around $150

Telephone Service

Skype - Tired of paying all of that money on your telephone bill? Now you can talk to all of your friends absolutely free!

As long as you have an internet connection, you can download Skype.

A free online telephone service which allows you to talk to anyone else who has it installed on their computer.

If you want to, you can also watch the person you are speaking with your over the internet. For that you will need a high speed connection and a webcam.

Otherwise, all you need is your laptop and a headset or microphone that you can talk into.

Amount saved: Around $25 a month

Earning Cash

A different way to save money with a laptop is earning a second income. The internet is certainly a huge business opportunity!

If you have a hobby or passion for something, you can turn that into profits.

If you haven't yet, please read my story of how I got started building webpages.

You don't have to know hardly anything about computers to build a website.

You just have to have the right tools and the proper motivation.

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Amount saved: Possibly your 9 to 5 job

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