Want To View All Of Your Available Windows Screensavers

One of the really cool things that I like to have on my desktop is screensavers.

I'm pretty much known for having some of the coolest screensavers around.

However, my laptop is a different story...

While I still do use a screensaver, it's usually the one that just shows a blank screen.

Is it because I'm boring?

Actually, it more has to do with battery life. It takes a lot less effort your laptop to show a blank screen then it is to show a bunch of 3-D fish swimming around.

Now I know for some people this is a must, but if you are looking to optimize your battery life, set your screensaver to a blank screen.

Where Can I Find A Screensaver If I Do Want One?

You can right-click your desktop and hit Properties. Then hit the Screen Savers tab.

But this isn't the best way to find all of the screensavers you have.

In order to do that, first go to Start -> Search

You can also get there from holding down your Windows Key and pressing F.

Then click on All files and folders

All files or folders

Type in *.scr and magically watch every screensaver you have show up.


You probably have never seen many of these screensavers before.

If you fall in love with one, you can right-click it. Then go to Send To -> Desktop

Doing this will create a shortcut on your desktop so you can double click in anytime and view your screensaver.

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