Skype Review
What Is It And Is It Right For You

Do you wish you had a free phone service? In this Skype review, you will find out that you can have that and much so much more.

Skype is an online phone service that is owned by eBay. It allows you to talk to people free of charge using your internet connection.

You can talk to anybody else who has Skype downloaded on their computer.

All you have to do is add your friend's user name to your list. Click on their name and hit the green call button and you can talk to them instantly.

Of course, in order to talk to them you will need to have a headset to talk to them. You can pick one of them up at your nearest retailer or you can get a cheap headset on eBay.

What Makes It Better Then My Regular Phone?

Besides the fact that it is 100% free to download and talk to any Skype member, there are other many great benefits of Skype.

My personal favorite thing is that you can view the person that you are talking to.

If you own a webcam, you can have the person on the other end see you live as if they were right there with you!

If you have a loved one that you don't get to see as often as you wish, Skype is the perfect solution for you. You can set it up quickly and easily and watch each other over the internet.

Another great benefit of Skype is the ease of talking to someone across the planet. Many cell phone plans allow you to talk to anyone in the country...

But few plans let you talk to anyone on the planet.

Now with Skype, you don't have to worry about paying the huge costs of talking to someone that is really long distance.

It's basically the same as talking to a Skype user that is right across the street from you!

Is There A Catch?

No there isn't. Skype really is free to anyone else who has downloaded Skype. There are some features that you can pay for.

You can pay a monthly fee that allows someone from a regular phone to call your Skype phone number.

And starting in 2007, it will cost for you to call a regular phone with your Skype number.

But who really needs those features?

Just tell all of your friends to download Skype and talk to them free anytime you are around your computer.

Click here to download Skype free of charge at!

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