Sony Vaio VGN FE790 Exclusive Review

If you want to try out your first Sony laptop then there isn't a better choice then the Sony Vaio VGN FE790.

This is one of the cheapest laptops that you can personally customize from Sony's official site.

While this laptop doesn't compete in price compared to some of the other 15.4-inch laptop brands, it certainly outperforms most of them.

This laptop is perfect for you if you like to both work and play on your laptop.

It gives you the high performance that you would expect out of a modern laptop. And it has very powerful media features that you can only find at Sony.

The VGN FE790 comes fully loaded with all sorts of entertainment power. It has a built-in web cam. Tons of ports to plug in your camcorder or digital camera.

And everything will look amazing with the XBRITE laptop screen.

Once you see how wonderful things look on an XBRITE screen you may never go back to any other laptop brand.

Want a little style...

sony engraving

When you purchase the Sony Vaio VGN FE790, you can get it personally engraved free of charge.

This will make your laptop feel more like your own. Having your laptop engraved will also make it less tempting to steal.

A thief is going to have a hard time selling a laptop that has your name engraved right on it!

Overall Thoughts

This laptop is the perfect choice for you if...

  • You want a mid-sized laptop

  • You are willing to pay a few hundred dollars more for better quality

  • You want your laptop to be the ultimate experience in both performance and media capabilities

    If these three things sound like you, then you will be sure to love the VGN FE790.

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