The Sony Vaio VGN FS8900 Is All About Media Features

Some laptops are built for everyday needs. And some laptops like the Sony Vaio VGN FS8900 were made for the ultimate multimedia experience.

While this laptop doesn't perform at the same level as some other laptops in it's class, it outperforms them in media features while costing relatively the same.

This laptop is basically one of the cheapest laptops that you can get from Sony. It compares very similarly to the Sony Vaio VGN FE790.

The only major difference being that the FE790 has a Core Duo processor and the FS8900 simply has a Celeron M Processor.

The easiest way to choose between the FE790 and the FS8900 is this...

If you like to do several things at once on your laptop then go with the FE790.

If you want to save a few bucks and only plan on running one application at a time then go with the FS8900.

Either laptop you choose will be have a beautiful Sony XBRITE screen.

They also come with a very powerful graphics card and everything else you need to watch and record movies and television on your laptop.

A Very Affordable Sony

One of the biggest concerns with Sony laptops are the price. You can very easily spend over $2000 on a laptop.

However, the Sony Vaio VGN FS8900 is one of the few laptops by Sony that can be configure for under $1000.

And considering all of the amazing things you get with a Sony this is a real bargain.

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