Sony VGN-C290 Is Certainly Loaded With Style Points

Anyone looking for a small pink, green, or blue laptop should certainly check out the Sony VGN-C290.

If looks are important to you then this is certainly a laptop that is worth taking a look at.

It has a small 13.3" display.

So it's very lightweight and will be extremely easy to take with you from place to place.

Unlike most other Sony laptops, you can choose what color you want free of charge. And like other Sony laptops, you have the option of a free engraving if you desire to do so.

There is little doubt that you are going to love the look and feel of this laptop.

Things get even better in the area of both price and performance.

This laptop starts out at just over $1000. This is much better then just under $2000 like a lot of the Sony laptops start out at. And even though it's less expensive, it still does wonderful in the area of performance.

Here are it's strongest points...

  • at least 1GB of memory so you can run several applications at once
  • a big hard drive so you can have almost as many songs as you could possible want
  • a lightning-fast Core 2 Duo processor so multi-tasking will not slow your laptop down
  • A combination of all these things adds to a really great performing and great looking laptop.


    This laptop is for you if looks are important and you are willing to pay a little extra for it. Also, if you want a laptop that won't slow you down then this laptop has all you can handle.

    While some similar laptops such as the Dell XPS m1210 may do a little better in the price range, it doesn't get the many style points that the Sony VGN-C290 comes with.

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